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Market Research

Analysing the market and your brand to identify where it is likely to have the best success and boost your sales.

International Strategy

Finding the best sales and marketing strategy, based on the market, industry trends as well as on your resources and objectives.

Sales & Logistics

Connecting you to the right partners, distributors and retailers or helping you sell your products on a direct B2C basis. We can also handle all logistical aspects on your behalf.


Translation of documents, websites and social media by bilingual professionals knowledgeable in each country's culture.

Events & Exhibitions

Organising, representing or supporting you during events so you can meet your new customers, interact with them and get feedback.

Community Management

Creating engaging social media content in your target market's language, growing and managing the community.

Why Choose Us?

We are the only consultancy specialised both in international developments and in vegan markets and products. We speak English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German and travel the world to understand and analyse vegan markets across the world and use that expertise to help our clients.


We have been vegan for almost two decades and strongly believe in the importance of the vegan lifestyle for the animals, the planet and human health. We want to make the world vegan by enlarging the current plant-based offer and making it more attractive and affordable for everyone.

Customised support from A to Z

We can help you throughout your whole project: from planning and analysing your project's feasibility to actual sales, customer service and satisfaction.
And anything in between.

Exports Specialist

"I have developed distributor networks on all continents, created partnerships with numerous countries and also handled direct export sales. We can help you with anything from strategy planning to closing deals and writing contracts",
Elena Frangeul Barón
MBA in International Trade
Founder of Vegan the World

Support Charities

We donate a percentage of our income for each project we work on. You can help us choose the charity and make a difference for the environment, animals or any vegan related cause.

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Events and trade shows are a great way of presenting your brand to potential customers and getting their feedback. It’s also the best way to network and meet the different actors within the sustainable and plant-based industry.